"Efficiency Era" for Growatt PV inverter

Publishers:Growatt Time:2013-12-18
Growatt lead Chinese efficiency at 99.06% approved by Intertek. Push Chinese inverter technology to new height.
In 20th November, the meeting Solar Inverter “Chinese Efficiency” Test and Technology Standards was held in Beijing by the Chinese Jianheng Certification Center, and the standards are regarded as the specific parameters for solar inverters effciency used in China.

The purpose of“Chinese Efficiency”is the same with the government subsidy for solar projects, which moves the previous cost control to higher efficiency and stability for solar inverters. From the marketing demands of 2013,Sungrow and Growatt, two famous companies in China for quality and technology,have seen great sales rise. Known for its high efficiency and successful grid connection, Growatt has won market share in many markets, the production lineis fully in production for the whole range of inverters since this April.

In 2010,Growatt was established with the world leading technology for solar inverters,and immediately Growatt 5000TL was awarded A+ in the third party German PHOTON Lab,which was the first time for an Asian inverter to get such a high reputation.

In April 2013,INTERTEK German lab officially announced the test result for Growatt 20000HE,the newest supreme high efficiency solar inverter, with the highest efficiency at 99.06%. It is reported that only SMA and Growatt launched such high efficient inverter, nevertheless Growatt can make wider input voltage range.With this highest efficient inverter in the world, Growatt run towards to blueocean era both in domestic and foreign market.

“The integraton of the solar industry isan irresistible force in the efficiency era, and Growatt team is skilled inthis new industry. Now there is barrier for foreign brands to enter the domestic market, nearly 200 domestic companies is in the re-shuffling process.The current gross margin of 40% will go down to 30% in two or three years, and three to five leading enterprises will seize most of the market share”, said by the Growatt CEO David Ding,he is confident about the Growatt technology, “in china we have the responsibility to lead the development of solar inverter technology, it is not only our commitment to the market, but also our core competitiveness in corporate development.”